Month January 2015

Month January 2015

Happy New Year and Call for Presenters

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Happy New Year to you all! Hope you all had a wonderful break over the festive season.

Last year was a great start to the Journal Club. We had a wide range of presentations from a number of different people and I think we achieved what we set out to do.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the year it became increasingly hard to find people willing to present. This may have been unfortunate timing, but I wanted to review whether there are enough committed people to continue meeting. Perhaps we need to change the frequency? meeting place? time? something else?

Ultimately the success of the Journal Club relies on all of us being willing to take the time to present, attend meetings and get involved. So if you find the Journal Club useful for keeping up with current advances in science, practising your presentation skills, networking, learning how to interrogate data or anything else then please email me with your thoughts at Would also be good if you could let me know if you are willing to present at an upcoming meeting if they continue.

This is your chance to get involved and to have your voice heard, so I am looking forward to a flurry of emails!