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Inaugural Meeting

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The inaugural journal club (JC) meeting was on the 30th Jan 2014 at the National Malaria Control Centre. The aim of the JC is to be a forum where staff, students, researchers and any one else interested in malaria related science, can get together and discuss the latest scientific findings. The meeting format consists of a short presentation highlighting the key features and findings of a selected paper. Then either during the presentation or afterwards, there is time to discuss other peoples views, to clarify any misunderstandings and to see how the paper relates to the current situation in Zambia or more specifically to projects that are planned or even being implemented. Ten people attended the first meeting and we look forward to growing those numbers.

About Daniel Bridges

Dan Bridges is malaria researcher and intervention strategist, with extensive international field experience. He is well published, and develops practical and innovative data management and policy solutions in light of the unique constraints presented by sub-Saharan African countries.

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